Mark Halpern, CFP, is a Trust and Estate Practitioner who has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in affluent families for over 30 years. As CEO of Wealth Insurance, he and his team specialize in tax-advantaged insurance solutions to protect families, create charitable legacies, and preserve estates. He is also building a national community of 100 financial professionals and charities with the goal of creating $1 billion in philanthropy annually. In this episode, Mark joins the show to inspire you to start thinking about your charitable planned giving.

Listen in as we discuss using life insurance to maximize your legacy and charitable planned giving while minimizing your taxes, and donating life insurance to charity and CPP Philanthropy. You will learn how giving thought to this type of planning can help you increase giving, how to create strategic philanthropy in your financial plan, and where Donor Advised Funds fit into financial plans.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The value in planning for your legacy and charitable planned giving.
  • How to maximize your legacy through life insurance.
  • The value in donating life insurance to charity.
  • Why Mark decided to become involved in charity and leave legacies.
  • The main reasons people consider being philanthropic.
  • How to create strategic philanthropy in your financial plan.
  • Where DAFs fit into financial plans.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Charity begins at home.” – Mark Halpern
  • “Philanthropy is not about disinheriting your children. It’s about adopting charity and disinheriting the tax department.” – Mark Halpern
  • “We live once but we die twice.” – Mark Halpern

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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