Anxiety around retirement is completely normal. You may feel concerned about how you will fill your time, financial worries or even feeling a loss of your identity. Retirement readiness is less about money and more about mindset. So, how can we shift our mindsets to feel more prepared for retirement? Tammy Vigue, Retirement Coach, will join the show to share how to achieve a mindset beyond money as you approach what should be the most exciting time of your life.

Listen in as Tammy explains how to find purpose in retirement and how to let go of common limiting beliefs around retirement. You will learn the importance of understanding and honoring your values, how to stay true to your authentic self and how to plan for your future self.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why your job doesn’t have to be your identity.
  • How to get your mindset ready for retirement.
  • How to find purpose in retirement.
  • What limiting beliefs you may be holding onto about retirement.
  • The importance of honoring your values in retirement.
  • How to stay true to your authentic self.
  • How to live more unapologetically.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s not retirement that is the problem… it’s the meaning that you make of it.” – Tammy Vigue

“Our thoughts create our feelings and it’s our feelings that drive our actions.” – Tammy Vigue

“Purpose is just living in alignment with your authentic self.” – Tammy Vigue

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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