Many individuals want a retirement that is authentic to who they are, passion driven and filled with purpose. However, it takes a certain kind of mindset to achieve the motivation, tools and community for someone who is retirement age to make this happen. Mind Switch helps individuals transition from their careers and create the next phase of their lives to be as uniquely compelling as they are by reinventing what retirement can be. Today, Scott Armstrong, CEO of Mind Switch Training, will be joining the show to discuss the six key foundations needed for your greatest ambitions to come to life.

Listen in as Scott shares his one piece of advice for someone moving towards retirement and why he doesn’t like the word “retire.” You will learn the benefit of living a life filled with purpose, the importance of not comparing yourself to others and the benefit of remaining active in any way that you can throughout your life.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The six key foundations needed to live the retirement of your dreams.
  • Why Scott doesn’t like the word “retire.”
  • Scott’s one piece of advice for someone who is moving towards a work-optional life.
  • Scott’s unique background working with exotic animals.
  • The importance of living a purpose-filled life.
  • How to make the switch to start trying new things.
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your life to others.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“If we don’t have a compelling purpose to stimulate us mentally and keep us physically active, then your health quickly depreciates.” – Scott Armstrong

“The most poisonous word that can come into a work-optional life or retirement is ‘envy.’ We shouldn’t compare ourselves to what anybody else is doing.” – Scott Armstrong

“Find an outdoor activity or physical activity that you enjoy.” – Scott Armstrong

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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