Today we are joined by Kaz Nesbitt, CPA, CA, who is the Senior Manager at Grant Thornton. Kaz helps business owners and high net worth individuals save thousands of dollars by structuring their succession plans, estate plans and compensation strategies in a tax-efficient manner to maximize wealth. In this episode, Kaz joins the show to explain how you can limit your lifetime tax bill and shares several things to consider as you approach retirement.

Listen in as he shares his advice on risk income planning and how to ensure there isn’t a big tax bill left for your family to deal with when you pass away. You will learn Kaz’s thoughts on maximizing tax-free savings accounts in retirement, harvesting capital gains and losses, and the importance of always looking at the big picture.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to limit your lifetime tax bill.
  • Several things to consider as you approach retirement.
  • How to minimize the tax bill left for your family when you pass away.
  • How to maximize tax-free savings account in retirement.
  • How to harvest capital gains.
  • Tax consequences to consider if you own a property.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Pay a little bit of tax now so you don’t have to pay more later.” – Kaz Nesbitt

“Don’t let the tax tail wag the economic dog.” – Kaz Nesbitt

“As long as you have a balanced portfolio across your accounts, generally things work themselves out.” – Kaz Nesbitt

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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